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My spot to have coffee and ice cream!


Fish Creek Provincial Park is a region of leisure and home to fine dining and the best coffee shop. If you are ever in the area, stop by the Annie's Café for a series of delicacies and excellent services. It is located west of the elegant Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant where it has served the surrounding neighbourhoods since 1905.


At the time, it hosted Annie, her husband Billy Bannister, and a selection of ranch foremen accompanied by their families. Today, the premise boasts a dashing front view enhanced with customized furniture and striking decorations. All visitors and residences are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee, baked goods, ice cream, sandwiches, and soup among others. You can also delight in Annie’s special treats and nutritious meals while basking at the porch. Not to mention the splendid views surrounding the property. Aside from being the perfect dining spot, it has enough space to bring your family and friends for special moments.

During the spring and summer seasons, Annie’s Café open at 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Mondays to Thursday and add an extra hour in the evening on weekends (Friday to Sunday). They have an exotic selection of quality wines and drinks for adults and kids alike. On Sunday night, your dinner exclusively at the chef’s table followed by a confectionary dessert to wind your evening in style. Currently, the café does not host private events, but groups are welcome at the Bow Valley Ranche for a world class hospitality experience. Securing Annie’s Café is a beautiful picket fence and massive trees. More so, the property has an unlimited parking space for excursion gears including bicycles and jeeps.

A leisure walk around Fish Creek Park will lead you along outstanding scenic views accompanied by cycle-friendly paths. The region is rich in lush parks, green landscapes, and a series of bird species to entertain your site. On top of a nature walk, you have access to numerous artisan gardens, aquatic facilities, and a generous amount of history available at a moment's notice. Your kids also have a variety of activities and sceneries to explore around Fish Creek including open access to slides, swings, and other outdoor ventures. If you desire to escape the city life for a sunny ride, Annie's is your perfect destination.

My family and I have enjoyed many walks in Fish Creek Park - This is a nice spot to walk to on Summer evenings. We live in Sundance and it's amazing to step out from the busyness and transport yourself to a small town feel - minutes away!

Have you been to Annie's Cafe?

On route to Annie's Cafe for some deserved downtime!

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