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As a historical landmark, Bow Valley Ranch

Have you been to Bow Valley Ranch?

It is a famous hospitality spot for all occasions including a romantic getaway, honeymoon, weddings, anniversary dinner, and other requested special events. It is located at Bow Bottom Trail SE, Calgary; a private site at the corner of Fish Creek Park. Apart from relishing the ranch's elegance, you will appreciate the crisp atmosphere enhanced by a gallant overview of the 1896 architectural design reinforced with modern materials and homely touch represented by beautiful wreaths and potted flowers.

Bow Valley Ranch prides itself with excellent services, local Canadian cuisines, and intimate rooms with classic interior décor highlights. Most of its facilities have been restored to their original grand state as they are part of historical events hosted in the past. A nature walk around the property will lead you to Annie’s bakery and café which is popularly known for its exclusive services and exquisite tastes.

#history Bow Valley Ranch history dates back to twelve decades ago in 1896 when cattle rancher William Roper Hull purchased the property and built a country house. As a business man, he entertained local and foreign visitors until Patrick Burns came along as the owner and renovated the property to include a games room and a massive family wing. After his death, the extended family added a one-storey building, a pool, and a tennis court to accommodate social activities introduced by William. The government later acquired the property in 1973 where has been dormant until 1999 when it reopened as a prime dining spot. Thanks to Fish Creeks Restoration Society, residents have a historical landmark with traditional sophistication enhanced by the unscathed natural beauty and modern elegance. Stop by for a hot brewing coffee, brunch with your kids, an afternoon tea, or a private moment at the chef's table.

All their ingredients are locally grown and ordered including fish, vegetables, meat, poultry, grains, and other organic animal and farm products. During winter holidays, family and friends are welcome to share intimate moments and usher in the New Year in style.

Do not confine yourself at Bow Ranch because Fish Creek has a whole assortment of excursion sites to explore. For starters, the lush gardens within the region are splendid as you stroll along the most beautiful scenic routes maintained by the local government and the residents alike. It’s a one-stop hospitality experience you and your loved ones will never forget.

It is one of my most favourite areas to visit in Fish Creek Park!

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